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  • When guests come in, spread them out in sims not adjacent to each other unless all sims are booked.
  • Limit groups to no more than 4 people per simulator so that they can spread out and honor the 6-foot distancing government recommendation.
  • Spray down and sanitize furniture, screens, keyboard, mouse, remote control after each sim rental.
  • Every hour wipe down door handles, bar top, bathrooms, etc…
  • Deep clean the stores at the end of each night.
  • No cash transactions. Credit card or apple pay only. Consider a script for staff to handle the checkout process for customers that do not want to come in contact with the touchpad and/or provide their signature at purchase.
  • Provided masks to be worn during shifts.
  • Protective gloves to be used when disinfecting and making transactions.

Golf lessons

X-Golf’s Coaches Provide Quality 30 Or 60 Minute Lessons To Golfers Of All Calibers

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Avoid any wait time and reserve your simulator time online.

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X-Golf’s state of the art indoor golf simulators offer players unparalleled accuracy and realism. Through a combination of camera systems, infrared lasers, impacts sensors and advanced gaming software. Our dedicated kiosks combine virtual reality gaming, food and beverages, competitions, golf lessons, memberships and social events. These services provide visitors the ultimate golfing entertainment experience.

The relaxed, welcoming atmosphere makes it perfect for players of all ages, males or females. Fun for golfers of all levels regardless of your ability, X-Golf is ideal for work events, birthday parties, corporate functions and buck’s nights.

Provided Services

Estimated 45 minutes per player for a full round.

Birthdays, corporate and bucks nights – Fun times.

Improve your game with help from our professionals.

Play the world’s best courses.

Grab some friends and join your local X-League.

Food and beverages are available at all our venues.


Teams of 3 compete in a 12 week league in a battle of the best.

Who’s Team will it be?

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